This subforum

…are belong to us.

sorry, couldn’t resist to first-post here ;).

maybe last post, too?

anyway, met technomage at the conference, he’s an amazingly straight thinker.

Welcome to our little Finnish forum! :slight_smile:

Edit: Or perhaps ‘I, For one, welcome our new English speaking overlords.’

Whoa. We seem to have an English subforum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi molecular! it was great chatting with you at the conference :slight_smile:

It was really nice to meet you too. Welcome to our little forum, which is growing fairly fast though. The Finnish Bitcoin community is thriving. :slight_smile:

Hi all, i’m happy to join your Finnish Crypto-currency community. Let’s get bigger and make Bitcoin strong, so everyone can hear about it and use it for general good!

Hello! Nice to meet an interesting forum