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"Quantstamp is the first scalable security-audit protocol designed to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. Our team is stellar: PhDs with industry experience, backed by a powerful blockchain industry advisory board. "

"It is evident the concept of smart contracts is well appreciated by developers all over the world. That doesn’t mean all implementations of this technology are successful, mind you. In fact, we have seen a fair few issues with smart contracts over the past few months so far, all of which could have been easily avoided. Securing smart contracts has proven to be far more difficult than most people realize.

This is where Quantstamp comes into the picture, even though it remains to be seen how its efforts will fare in the long run. The team’s goal is to establish a new protocol to secure smart contracts. Importantly, they are doing so by introducing scalable proofs-of-audit. As we have seen in the past, audits of smart contracts are often done only after the technology has been used to raise money. Doing so well ahead of time would be a preferred course of action, for obvious reasons."

What is Quantstamp