Is Apple Pay a bitcoin killer?

Mielenkiintoinen analyysi:

… "The announcement of a mobile-payment system by Apple was an evolutionary step. The infrastructure it runs on is old technology linked to a centralized financial system. Tokenization is a time-tested encryption method of “one-time use-card numbers” that has been used prior to Apple Pay. However, Apple’s ability to put a user-friendly face on existing technology should not be underestimated. The decentralized Bitcoin network is more efficient, cheaper and secure than Apple Pay and eventually should be embraced by the consumer. However, just like digital music needed the evolutionary step from Napster to iTunes, so, too, do digital currencies need this move by Apple. "

“As many in the Bitcoin community have already noted, while this is an improvement in user convenience and security, it’s still ultimately built on the ‘old rails’ of the card networks and the existing bank interchange fee structure.”

Apple Pay privacy: only merchant and your bank know who you are.
Bitcoin: there is no bank and merchant only sees money, not your personal data.