Hopefully Finland's attitude towards BTC remains "sane"

I’ve not seen anything like this being reported in Finland but with my Finnish skills being quite poor I might have missed it.

Bitcoin Companies and Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Bank Accounts

It’s not just businesses struggling with their banks. The Internet is littered with reports from individuals who have gotten calls from their banks after dabbling in Bitcoins, and not just in the U.S. A Swedbank customer says her account was frozen for 15 days after she sold 5 BTC through a local exchange.

Problems with Bitcoins in the US is sadly not a surprise, but Sweden kinda was.

I’ve had absolutely no issues with my bank because of exchanges with Bittiraha (yet?).

Dealt with multiple exchanges in the past two years and Nordea has not given me any problems.

Our company had bank account from nordea, then the guy from Nordea called that they don’t want us as customer :stuck_out_tongue: They just explained, that they don’t want any involvment with bitcoin businesses as reason.

It was probably branch-level decision, because there exist many other companies I know about that do business with bitcoin and have accounts at Nordea.

Other than that, banks have varying attitude to btc businesses worldwide. It is not just US-specific phenomenon. Some banks (the more modern) are more bitcoin-friendly, and some less.

many organizations are scared of cryprovalues and don’t want to identify themselves with it

they are not wise enough to understand that this is our future and it’s time to join in