[HELP]Bitcoin Debit Card

I’m going to talk English right here, because I don’t pretty much like explaining these things over Finnish.

So pretty much, I have thought of buying a Bitcoin Debit card but the thing is that I don’t really get how am I going to load the card up with BTC apparently, anyone giving me info here could be granted.

Sen takia haluan koska Suomessa verottajan kanssa joutuu tekemään hurjan paljon töitä, ja vaikuttaa paljon enemmän helpommalta tehdä tällein.

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Help me, fellow friands!

Be careful, and do some google searching, before purchasing this card. At least one very unhappy customer:

And also, I couldn’t find any info on their site how do the transactions to this card actually work in practice, or any info regarding the transaction fees.

It’s a known fact that credit card companies, such as MasterCard and Visa, do not like bitcoin. That’s why there aren’t any “real” bitcoin debit cards.

How this really works: You sell bitcoins and the cash is transferred to an account which has a debit card linked to it. Does MasterCard or Visa no about this? I don’t think so.

it is very unprofitable for them, they will just lose customers