Binance CSV export missing transactions


I got proof Binance transaction export is leaving out transactions. Hence, when you import it to a tax calculation SW you’ll get negative balances. I tried 3 tax calc. services inc. Koinly. Result was same. If I use API in Koinly result is even worse. So API can leave out transactions too.

On a very basic level explained … export Account Statement and find when the coin you wish to study has 0 balance. Now do a cumulative calculation in Transaction Records from the 0 point onwards. Look for spot trade batches resulting in clear negative balance. Now you can try to export only trade activity from binance around that date and compare. But that’s not enough in my case - I now need to convince Binance to fix the Transaction Record export because in my case there are too many to do this dance manually.

I’ll probably update this with more info, if interest is shown here.

What I call proof you can find here

All you need to do is to compare the amount of trades for the same period in Transaction Records with the amount in Trading Report export. If there is a mismatch, then there is an issue. Be aware that this is not a 100% proof check. Since export can leave out trades and make double of other. You can compare trades in exports and check they are consistent (I have made some sort of procedure and tool to find these issues since I have thousands).

– How to fix you your import to tax calculation service –
I’m trying to get this info out as quickly as possible - sorry it’s not 100% yet.

  1. Load exported Transaction Records csv
  2. Filter out Transaction Fee, Buy, Sold Spend, Revenue, Referral commission
    (2.5 For Koinly I filtered all “BNB Fee Deduction” and added Remark “BNB Fee Deduction”
  3. Copy remaining transactions to new sheet and save as csv for import
  4. Export your Trade Report for the same period as Transaction Records
  5. Transform your Trade Report into the native format your online tax calculator service use
  6. Import
    (7. With Koinly you can now filter for Deposits with “BNB Fee Deduction” description and Bulk Edit these to choose a Tag. Temporarily, until I understand the nature of the “BNB Fee Deduction”, I chosen “Fee Refund”. Now Year End Balance Report match up with the real balance for me)

P.S. I have tested many services like Koinly. has been the best for me to import transaction history from various exchanges. CryptoTaxCalculator I like too.

Update in the matter.

The previous mentioned procedure do work. I have detected a drawback. A fee in a Trading Report is different from a fee in the Transaction Record export. In Report it may be smaller if you have selected to use BNB for trade fees (and have enough BNB balance and … and ). Then the fee shown is fee reduced (-25%). In Transaction Records the fee is without the -25%. Since, the above method replaces the trades and fees in Transaction Record with the once in Trade Report, the BNB Fee Deduction Deposits will not match the Report fees. The purpose of the BNB Fee Deduction transactions are to refund trading fees and deduct BNB. This will cause a slight surplus (0.015% of total trading volume?) in Ledger due to the mismatch. However, to my surprise Koinly End Of Year Holding report do not show this surplus.

P.S. Tagging BNB Fee Deduction Deposits as “Fee Refund” in Koinly is correct.