[ANN]-GLBrain: Smart Communities & Communication

[What is GL Brain?

GLBrain is a next-generation online community management, social network and online marketing platform offering unmatched features to all kinds of online communities ranging from
private users and small and medium sized businesses using the standard features to large organizations and communities using tailor made solutions

Major problems associated with the existing social media networks
lack of privacy
Lack of possibilities to manage online communities
Absence of an integrated, all-in-one platform

GLBrain Features

The content an online community management part of GLBrain
The level for online presentation, content creation, and all functions to manage online communities. All based on a geo statistic layout, with auto-translation from and to more than 100 languages and easy sharing to all media and social networks.

An Online Mall for Products, Services, jobs and Real Estate
An online Marketplace for all needs of daily life for products, services, jobs and real estate, offering all other features of GLBrain. Present your online store and all your offers in your geography advertise on GLBrain and all social networks.

The communication part of GLBrain
Your private feed and messaging tool for your online community.
Communicate post and Chat with your friends in all languages and share your posts, pictures and videos to all other social networks.

How GLB is different?

GLB is a utility coin ready to use within the GLBrain Network allowing 20%discount on all rates.

Maximum 300 Million GLB have been created out of which 12.4% will be offered in the 3 phases pre-sales and 27.6% will be offered during a 3 phase Initial Exchange Offering no further inflation.

No downside risk as GLBrain can always be spent with 20% discount on GLBrain. Full upside potential as services are priced in fiat and higher value of GLBrain will pay for more services on GLBrain

How Chain Code, Hyperchain, Blockchain Technology will help Social Communities?

Chaincode, Hyperchain and Blockchain Technology allows management of all kinds of online communities by using our standard community management or customized hyperchain solutions. GLBrain uses blockchain technology to create secure and independent records of any form of agreement, transaction, or certification made on the network.


How is GLB Coin used?

Present yourself to your Online Community
Free standard and professional user profile for private users and organizations
Create and publish professional content
Create your own online store for Products, Services, Jobs and Real Estate

Professional Online Community Management
Present yourself within your target geography
Share your entire content. GLMall Offerings and profile
page to all your other social network accounts
Communicate in more than 106 languages.

Standard & Customized solutions for
Online Community Management
Standard solutions for private and business users
Hyperchain and Blockchain for special needs of
large online communities
Private Blockchains and CryptoCurrencies.

Get rewarded in GLB for
Bringing your community and followers to GLBrain
Create and share content on GLBrain and on all other
social networks while earning money through revenue-sharing
derived from adverts shown with your content

Buy GLBrain Services at 20%
Professional and Online Shop Profile
Additional product packages for your online storefront
Advertising banners showing alongside GLBrain Content
Taylored community Management and Blockchain Solutions

COIN Allocation

The GLB coin is a utility token that provides discounted access to the business services
of the GLBrain online platform.

The supply of GLB is fixed at 300,000,000 coins.

40% will be offered in private and OTC sales and in a 3 steps IEO campaign.
After the IEO, GLB will be available for trading on several exchanges.

Number of Coins
Percentage of Total
Pre- Sale & OTC Sale
Advisors & Partners
Treasury Reserve

Total Coin Supply:300,000,000
Coin Price:0.1 Euro

IEO Phase 1 Price:0.085 Euro
5.9M GLB
500,000 Euro

IEO Phase 2 Price:0.09 Euro
13.9M GLB
Cap:1.25 Million Euro

IEO Phase 3
Price:0.095 Euro
63.2 M GLB
Cap:6 Million Euro

Fund Allocation

Funds Deployed (2.1M EUR)
Back-end Development of Chaincode System
Development of Hyperchain System
Development of Blockchain
Development of Internal Receipt Ledger (IRL)
Filing International Patent
Blockchain Development
GLB Coin and Wallets
Agreements and onboarding first big communities
50.000 + registered users
300.000 + monthly visitors

Future Fund Allocation
Marketing for community management on all levels

Running the IEO/STO Campaign
Expanding server capacity
Building the smart agreement ETR Ledger
Expansion of technical and marketing team
Building customized token solutions for specific customers such as local online market places. NGO’s or a coin be used to help solving the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).


1.Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger
(Founder and CEO)

Vladimir Povolny
(Team Leader Development)

Carolin Pinegger
(Marketing Manager)

Djordje Susic
(Team Leader)

Dr. Carlo Maragliano
(Team Leader)

Aleksander Sofranec


1.Dr. Evan Luthra 2. Dr. Walter Schwimmer

3.Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber 4.Herbert Sim](https://glbrainieo.com/)