2x Antminer A3


Hello everyone,

Excuse me for not speaking Finnish yet.
I have ordered 2 Antminer A3s and they are up for sale. I am paying for shipping and the 24% VAT.
The miners are coming to my house within two weeks by UPS.
I am willing to meet pretty much anywhere in Finland as I have a car.

The miners are brand new and have a 180 day warranty by Bitmain.

Price: 5500 Euro/each or 10000 Euro/2 pieces (Ebay avarage is about 8000 Euro/each)

I do have Finnish social security number and I am willing to make a sales contract including warranty coverage!
Email: [email protected]



I think I need to make a small comment here that the buyer has to understand that those profits will dip. After a month you will not get even near the same rate as where you started. And the drop is very significant. You might do much better just putting you money in ICOs or holding a good altcoin.


Very good observation, these are the profits at the moment. I thought it’s obvious that the mining difficulity will increase over time, but the price can also increase. It’s very hard to predict but the whole crypto market is about trust.