Contact for eth 3710 Mh/s miner


Does anyone have the contact of the manufacturer of promax7 so that we can order in bulk with a discount?


I tried to find out from them but they do not disclose the manufacturer’s details as they are sole responsible for the sale of the product. They say the details are not disclosed for security reasons.


They are not ready to disclose their factory location for security reasons, in case if you want to place an order you will have to do the same from their site. The payment is taken via coin payment option.


It is confidential, I agree with them there is no need to show the manufacturers unit in the site as it can lead to misuse of the information by few sharp people.


No companies discloses their manufacturer unit, it is against the privacy norms. Even Bitmain does the same, they also doesn’t disclose their manufacturing unit. This is what I have noticed from the time I have started investing in miner machines.


Promax7 is based in United Kingdom and the orders will be dispatched from there itself.


i was in conversation with my friend regarding the manufacturing unit of promax7, he says that they are unable to disclose this information due to security reasons


some companies do not disclose their factory address for secruity reasons.


They are not disclosing details for security reasons. They take orders directly from their offical site.


They are no details mentioned on their site about the factory location as its kept confidential. I feel the required and main details related to the products are already mentioned on their site. Factory location doesnt matter much for me as i am more interested in the product.


I also somewhat agree with you warren that factory address doesn’t play a much important role as our main motive is with the product and no one gives the products free even if you visit the factory you have to pay the same amount. If you still have questions you can always speak to the company representatives directly.


Incase if you need their contact number +44 7418341661