NEM toimii pian alustana 2 milj. käyttäjän online pankille




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“How To Launch Your ICO On NEM”


“Announcement of a Proof-of-Concept Launch for “Blockchain Toreca”
Utilizing the mijin blockchain platform”


Lisää vauhtia Catapultin kehitykseen.

“LuxTag plans on using this funding to expand its operations, hiring more developers to decrease the time needed to complete development work on NEM Catapult, the open source core blockchain technology, considered to be the NEM version 2.0. LuxTag will also set up services in the United States dedicated to customer support and product integration.”


“NEM’s recent joint ventures deals to hint long-term investment avenues in Blockchain”


JUST IN: #NEM $XEM has been listed on #BitAsiaEx!


"Great news! Today we start our partnership with one of the biggest coin, which is included in the TOP15 largest coins of the world, NEM (XEM). On traded in pair with BTC. Fees for deposit 0%, withdraw 2 XEM.

Advantages of NEM:
XEM is used to pay transactions to incentivize its network of nodes that process and record transactions for businesses and users. This means that it has real fundamental value as a currency of a functioning economy. XEM also offers scalability, harvestability, and efficiency. All these reflect XEM’s functionality that could generate high demand for businesses and users who want to build projects in the NEM blockchain."





“CerebralFix partners with Xarcade to launch first Match 3 Game on NEM blockchain”



“Japanese Startup Tech Bureau Releases Catapult Blockchain Software For Enterprises”


He is a Japanese #NEM fighter of Myanmar martial arts called “Lethwei”. He put a tattoo of the NEM logo and fight on June 29 in Tokyo.

You can watch PPV here. His match is 1st bout.




“NEM (XEM) aims to be the largest retail payment blockchainn with Pundi X’s NEM XPOS $XEM”


“NEM Price Analysis- A resting bull?”